The Association for the Promotion of Life-based Learning

The Merged Action Curriculum (MAC) is a life-based curriculum created with the intention of ultimately replacing key stages 1 and 2 of the current National Curriculum in England for children aged five to eleven years.

Our message is also a global one — of relevance to anyone who can influence their government to adopt the life-based approach to learning.

We urgently need to work globally on behalf of children so we can:

  • enrich them with knowledge in self-care
  • empower them with the emotional and social skills to contribute positively to their community and to society nationally and internationally
  • enable them to contribute to the sustainability of the planet

It is an ambitious vision — one that can begin with an imaginative revamp of the current National Curriculum in England. Your help is needed.

Join ‘The Association for the Promotion of Life-based Learning in Primary Schools‘.

MAC focuses on getting the content right

Like the National Curriculum, MAC is information-led. Unlike the National Curriculum, the MAC information opens up the curriculum to many new concepts, attitudes, values and skills for young children to learn and adopt in new and exciting ways.


MAC organises learning into three life areas

  1. The person as an individual in their own right looking after themselves
  2. The person as a member of diverse, historical communities interacting with others
  3. The person as a member of a living, material world living sustainably

MAC learning domains

Each life area is divided into three learning domains, making nine in total.

The MAC learning domains and the National Curriculum

The content of the National Curriculum is respected – all of it – but rearranged and supplemented with additional material to provide a life-based focus to learning.

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