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The purpose of this website is twofold — to convince you of the need for a fundamental reshaping of the current National Curriculum in England at key stages 1 and 2, and to offer you the opportunity to join in the process of shaping an alternative that meets the challenges of today’s world.

The way the National Curriculum organises learning for young children has not changed since Victorian times.

This website explores reasons why the current National Curriculum in England is no longer relevant. Click here to read more.

The Merged Action Curriculum offers an approach that is relevant and applicable to the demands of the modern day.

Ultimately, it is our decision-takers and law-makers who need to be persuaded of the need to drop the current subject-based approach to learning as retrograde, out of date, clumsy and not fit for purpose.

The MAC proposals are principally about what we need to teach, not how we should teach. Inspirational teaching has little value without first establishing the what of teaching — the information to impart, concepts to be developed, skills to be mastered, and values and attitudes to be nurtured.

However, pedagogy matters too. Children learn best by doing, and MAC offers a re-energised approach to inspire and enthuse young learners. Each of the nine learning domains sets out ideas for an approach to teaching and learning based on participation, engagement and active reflection.

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