Interacting With Others

Interacting With Others — Life Area 2 — is made up of three learning domains. You can learn more about each of these learning domains by clicking on the links below.

Each learning domain in this Life Area focuses on elements of human interaction.


The ability to communicate is essential: the more children learn to communicate in the very many different ways of communicating, the more the possibilities for life and living are opened to them. Effective communication is the bedrock of healthy relationships.

Focusing on communication as a learning domain, children’s communication skills can be developed in surprising ways, as well as enhancing the learning of English and mathematics — key National Curriculum targets.


Communication of itself does not guarantee healthy relationships. The Relationships learning domain enables children to learn about key features of successful relationship-building such as the ‘win-win’ scenario.

There is a strong link to each individual’s emotional development. If you are not all right in yourself, it is difficult to have a ‘win-win’ between people or a positively dynamic team of people.

Through this learning domain, children are able to explore the principle of mutual benefit and much more, in ways appropriate to their level of development.


The Community learning domain includes history, geography, music, art and drama. A fundamental MAC aim is the creation of contributing citizens in all areas of life, not just in paid employment.

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