Living Sustainably

Living Sustainably — Life Area 3 — is made up of three learning domains. You can learn more about each of these learning domains by clicking on the links below.

Each learning domain in this Life Area enables children to learn about and actively engage in a sustainable partnership with the living and non-living world.

Living sustainably needs to operate at a personal level in relation to the physical world of objects and materials that we use on an everyday basis — from the clothes we wear to the technology we use.

It stretches to the local communities in which we live and have our being — the environment and surroundings in which we operate and the infrastructure we use. Individuals and organisations operating at local level must learn to live and work in sustainable ways.

It encompasses the world of living and non-living things within the immediate experience of the individual as well as at the national and global level.

This Life Area aims:

  • to give children an understanding of the importance of sustainability to ensure the future of humankind
  • to help them grow up with appropriate attitudes, information, conceptual understanding and skills in relation to sustainability
  • to ensure that future generations look after the planet as a vibrant and sustainable environment in which to live

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