Self-Care — Life Area 1 — is made up of three learning domains. You can learn more about each of these learning domains by clicking on the links below.

Each learning domain enables children to learn about and actively engage in looking after themselves.

Children learn to look after their bodies, build emotional awareness and resilience, and develop their ability to learn effectively.

However, the interdependence of the three domains is also of crucial importance. Without the body, you are dead. Without the mind, you are no longer recognisable as the person you were. When emotions are turbulent, the body is under stress and the mind is unable to function.

It is the integration of all three that makes for a fulfilling human existence.

The human being is more than the sum of their parts. The person is defined by more that their physical attributes, more than their emotional dynamic and more than the mind’s processes.

At the centre of every individual is their life spark, their anchor point, their sense of being. Whatever the physical, emotional or mind task being engaged in, it is essential always to relate children to their inner core.

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