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MAC has been developed with the aim of offering future generations a curriculum that meets the demands and challenges of the twenty-first century.

Take our quiz to learn a little more about what some of those demands and challenges are.

There are lies, damn lies and statistics, so the saying goes. Statistics about people, society and the environment are often obsolete as soon as they are published. The statistics used here are taken from various websites and are given in good faith. If you doubt their accuracy, feel free to let us know.

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1. The MAC focus on bodily health builds exercise into the school day. How many adults in the UK are classed as obese or overweight?


2. The MAC focus on emotional resilience aims to help children manage mental stress. What is the proportion of children and young people with mental health problems?


3. The MAC focus on the mind improves children’s ability to learn. The percentage of pupils in state schools who failed to obtain a ‘strong’ pass in English and mathematics — the National Curriculum flagship measures — in the 2019 GCSE exams was:


4. MAC promotes a dynamic and exciting communication development programme covering the many different forms of communication. The percentage of 6-year-olds with a limited vocabulary (word gap) that affects their learning is:


5. The MAC focus on relationships teaches children about the impact face-to-face communication has on relationships In face-to-face interaction, the percentage of the interaction attributed to body language is:


6. The MAC focus on community aims to build up community cohesion through children learning about the history, geography and society in which they live. Many people immigrate to Britain from the Commonwealth created out of the British Empire days. The number of countries belonging to the Commonwealth is:


7. The MAC focus on plants raises the importance and relevance of plants to life, including human life. How many species of plants are there in the world?


8. The MAC focus on animals teaches children humankind’s relationship to wild animals, food animals and pet animals. The approximate number of chickens eaten in Britain each year is:


9. The MAC focus on the physical world teaches children the value and fragility of the Earth’s physical resources. Nearly 70 percent of the world is covered by water, what percentage of this is fresh water?


10. The Merged Action Curriculum values the individual living with others on a finite planet. How many human beings inhabit the planet?


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