How MAC Came Into Being

A few words from MAC’s designer

The Merged Action Curriculum (MAC) is the brainchild of Michael Mac, a retired teacher. It is a life-based curriculum designed to benefit the child, society as a whole and our precious planet.

The MAC creation process started with the question: what is the make-up of a person’s life?

The answer, it seemed to me, is that a person’s life consists of the person as an individual, the person interacting with other people and the person living on the physical, material planet.

This provides the three interconnected life areas upon which a curriculum can be constructed:

  • The individual
  • Other people
  • The environment

The next step was to identify areas of life specific to the individual, specific to other people and specific to the environment.

The idea of a mathematical universe led to the proposition that a ‘law of three’ could be applied: in other words, that there are three areas of life, each of which is divisible into a further three areas.

This consideration gave rise to nine learning areas — what I have called learning domains.

A learning framework emerged:

Life Area 1   Life Area 2   Life Area 3
Looking after yourself   Interacting with others   Living sustainably
1. The body   4. Communication   7. Plant life
2. The emotions   5. Relationships   8. Animal life
3. The mind   6. Community   9. Physical resources  

The final test was to see if the current National Curriculum subject content could be accommodated within this alternative model.

I believe it can.

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